She Seems Intrigued. In the morning We Blind towards the Indications?

January 5, 2023

Reader Question:

Maybe I’m blind, but a girl i am enthusiastic about is apparently enthusiastic about myself. I get the lightweight touching, big vision, etc. Whenever she texts, she will typically deliver smiley confronts by the end. The issue is we work for similar company, different divisions. She mentioned she’s going to perhaps not date a co-worker, not that we are actually. She also stated this woman is really certain about just who she lets into her exclusive life and let me in.

Am i simply a slow, dimwitted man who’s blind towards symptoms?

-Nick (Colorado)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:


Maybe you are slow or perhaps she’s providing you countless combined indicators that you can’t generate heads or tails of it. Very, to assist you, I’ve generated a careful variety of most of the indicators and their possible meaning:

1. Mild touching — great sign she is curious.

2. Large vision — If the visual communication persists above two moments, she’s physically attracted to you.

3. Smiley faces whenever she texts — suggests nothing. Females utilize emoticons in business and delight just as.

4. She mentioned she’s going to not date a colleague — It just indicates she is attempting to explain to you she’s ethics and may need help in negotiating her borders. I would bring this subject upwards once again.

5. Lets you know she doesn’t let people into her private life and then let you in — You’re in!

My information. Go gradually. Remain pals for a time. While in question, chat (not book!) regarding it. Good-luck!

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